Large companies

Large companies

With just one resource – you get tons of action

Different role at different companies – the setup varies. At one of the companies we do everything a production agency does. At another, we do specifically graphic design at peak production.

An extra resource and
part of the team
at your office.

Experience is key.

With over 15 years of experience working at different corporate marketing departments (inhouse), collaboration between management, sales, marketing and the rest of the company is completely natural.

Working with well known brands within environmental services and recycling, tourism, youth lifestyle, surfing, project development and construction, motorsport, fashion, education and more.

Since we also have the experience of working at creative agencies we know the 'language' and understand the link between agencies and big corporations.

100% from the start

No honeymoon here, we start producing from the very first hour. We've seen and worked with a numerous different corporate guidelines and digital networks, so getting used to work within a unique organisation is no match.

Tactical player

We have also been a strategic partner, where we explained how an inhouse agency works and consequently which roles need to be employed for the marketing department to function optimally. So if you as a company do not have an inhouse agency, we can run it from the beginning and also help to employ the necessary resources in the right order so that you become self-sufficient.

In it for a long term relationship

We often come in as a short-term rescuer in a hectic production phase and then we remain. We always have a long-term approach and at some companies we have been part of the team for many years.

A jack of all trades...

A creative resource, working close together with your inhouse communications department. Utilize one or more of the skills. Here's how we rate it, use this to value the skills below:


...master of some.

This is what you get:

Art Direction96%
Graphic Design98%
Information Design100%
'Run & Gun' film production92%
Film photography84%
Film edit90%
Final art98%
UX design95%
Web site production88%
Digital/Social media88%
Production management94%

All gear, all year

You don't have to think about anything, we bring all the gear.

  • Proffessional computer/workstation (hardware, backup etc)
  • Professional camera
  • Professional film camera
  • Professional sound & lights
  • Insurance (e.g liability)
  • Transportation/car
  • Mobile office (able to work anywhere in the world)

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Here are some examples of work made while working at Large companies.

Related work

Here are some examples of work made while working at Large companies.

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